SDG 360 Fund Management

Investment Management to the SDG 360 Fund. 

SDG 360 Fund Management will do 3 things:-

  1. Support the Fund-raise for the £4.2 Billion SDG 360 Game-changer Fund 

  2. Act as General Partner to make and manage the SDG 360 Game-changer Fund investments

  3. Work with Transform Global to fund-raise for and support the success and impact of SDG 360 Game-changer Fund investments. 

The model is designed to be an impact investment general partner / investment manager to the SDG 360 Game-changer Fund.

The SDG 360 Fund Management Operational Plan 

With £10m to recruit talent and cover set up costs (from the £40m seed investment), SDG 360 Fund Management will then earn management and success fees. For acting as General Partner to the £4 Billion SDG 360 Game-changer fund - SDG Fund Management will receive 2% of the £4 Billion initial allocation per annum (£80m). SDG 360 Fund Management will also receive a carried return on investment management performance (paid in fund units). The £80m management fee will be split equally with the Transform Global parent, which will supply:

  • Ecosystem Event Underwriting - £6m
  • Network Support - £6m

  • Property and Facilities - £6m

  • Technology - £6m

  • Miscellaneous - £5m

  • Professional Services - £4m

  • Governance Foundation - £4m

  • Marketing - £3m

The SDG 360 Fund Management portion covers the operational team of 200 persons plus the budget to deliver mentors for every investment in the portfolio. The Transform Global portion will cover the will showcase and support SDG 360 Fund Investments on its platform thus enabling BIGCrowd subscribers to collaborate with them to deliver maximum impact. 

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