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The Crowd Funding and Collaboration Platform. 

BIGCrowd Ltd is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Transform Global Ltd. At the heart of the BIGCrowd business model is a marketing engine designed to create a global movement of active and incentivised crowd funders and collaborators.

The core objective is to use the power of the crowd to find, fund and support what we term ‘Big Impact Game-changers’ (BIGs). BIGs are working to tackle the UNs 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), or have bold plans to do so.

BIGs can be ‘for profit with purpose ventures’, ‘not for profits’, ‘policy ideas’ and ‘campaigns’. They can also be Start-Ups or Scale-Ups - and will often have two main things in common:-

  1. They will have ambition of maximum impact;

  2. They will likely have struggled to raise the funds and support needed to deliver it. 


With the support and power of the BIGCrowd, we aim to change things. The BIGCrowd model will enable those with the most amazing of ideas, or those with live projects and ventures that have unrecognised potential - to be able to secure the capital and support to start-up and or scale up with the very best chance of successfully delivering maximum impact on the most important issues in the world.


Once supported, the goal is to keep telling their stories to inspire others. 

The Crowdfunding and Collaboration Platform
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Imagine being able to properly harness the wisdom, power and funding potential of the BIGCrowd
to tackle the worlds most pressing challenges? 

Impact and Income for Everyone, Everywhere!

The crowd movement is to be built via a Free and a Premium subscription at £9.60 per month.


From equity raised, a sizeable marketing spend will help pump prime the crowd marketing efforts. The business model is designed to market and encourage crowd subscribers to share details of challenges and projects they wish to support on social media This helps find other subscribers and collaborators. Subscribers are fairly regarded for doing good and doing well - with both subscription offerings having a stunning value proposition:-

  • Free subscribers get access to the content on the platform and can learn about and support projects they care about by sharing on social media and at every chance they get. They can also earn a paying subscription by how they share and promote the subscription to others. 

  • Premium £9.60 a month subscribers are able to vote for BIGs they wish to win awards or prizes. They can actively collaborate with them on the platform, and importantly - they can earn incentive commissions and bonuses for how they collaborate and how they share on social media.

    Premium subscribers can opt to take some commissions as cash (up to a personal payment cap), and also build up a sizeable ‘donation pot’ they can allocate to projects on the platform as they see fit. Benefits are enhanced through events, job opportunities and inspirational amazing content. 

Impact and Income for Everyone, Everywhere!

Prize and Award Driven Innovation

The BIGCrowd approach centres on multiple innovative ways of marketing to incentivise individuals - in order to create a mass movement of motivated subscribers. In so doing - in the largest project of its kind it will educate people around the world on the SDGs and the crucial efforts of those working to addressing them. The content design is for ‘incentivised edutainment’, and the very process of supporting Big Impact Game-changers creates exciting and inspiring content. 

The platform will help identify those with the greatest capacity to deliver high levels of impact wherever they are based. 


Via £3.6m, £100k a month - 3-year crowd-funded awards and prizes (funded by subscriptions), we will channel funds and organised support (see below) from the BIGCrowd to help Big Impact Game-changers succeed. The aim is to help the BIGs rise above the ‘level of Super Credibility’ and help them to be fully funded and best positioned for impact success.

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Prize and Award Driven Innovation

Investment and Performance Targets and Assumptions. 

Through the platform and its prizes and awards, which can effectively stress test and support a volume of ventures, projects and ideas, BIGCrowd will create a flow of exciting de-risked funding opportunities. All are then primed to scale  - and can be funded and supported by other parts of the Transform Global model (to raise funds externally or via funds to invest into the BIGs that emerge).

Over 7 years - the conservative plan projects over £4.4 billion of revenue, half of which goes to Big Impact Game-changers and in turn funds over 1600 awards and prizes. This can be leveraged many times over through raising further funds to help BIGs succeed and deliver impact. 

On the BIGCrowd model alone, base margins can reach 10% when at scale - and on 40 million paying subscribers, the business has the potential to net £300m in 7 years.

Transform Global is raising £15 in stages which will fund BIGCrowd and, which will work closely with BIGCrowd to showcase innovative projects and SDG funding solutions that are found on the platform. This is sufficient capital to fund both entities to profitability. The goal, however, as the next stage of developing the 'bank', is to raise a further £90m of equity alongside a commitment to the fund. From this equity, a further £20 m will be committed to the growth of BIGCrowd and £20m will be committed to the growth of FundingTheGlobal   £10m in optimum funding that BIGCrowd requires to build the technology platform and launch its initial sales and marketing campaign. Though the goal is to raise additional funding to accelerate growth - BIGCrowd can be funded to profitability with just £10m from the seed round. 

To learn more, see the Investment section on this site, visit - or follow the other links at the base of the page. 

Investment and Performance Targets and Assumptions
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