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The origins of Transform Global - Global Sustainability Challenge!

Updated: May 2, 2019

Transform Global has been a long time coming. The foundations of the current vision were laid when Steve Podmore started out on this journey in October in 2006. Actually, the foundations were probably laid several years before - but it was in late 2006 Steve decided to address a set of challenges he cared about in a way that could be profitable and sustainable - and dedicated his life to do this, until it was done. Quite a task and quite a commitment.

After working on the idea for just a few months, the presentation from 2007 you can see linked above shows that even back then, the idea was heading in the right direction. That was 12.5 years ago at the time of writing - and the ensuing years have had some twists and turns, as well as more than a few struggles and challenges.

It has been said, 'the stronger the breeze, the stronger the trees' and the challenges faced in the development of this idea, and those observed in others, have all influenced the shape of the model one can see today and the desire to address the issues faced on this journey to make the research, development and launching of important initiatives a great deal easier for others. Still, its interesting to take a look back from time to time, and join the dots... 

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