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Participate in this series of Zoom meetings to learn about Transform Global, the powerful vision and plan to take the SDGs seriously by creating a New World Bank, but better!

Transform Global is a vision for bank that is different by design - with technology, media and fund level innovations - and a whole new approach towards equity, mission, scale, performance incentivisation - and governance.


It’s a bold vision. By the end of the call, we hope you will agree - ‘it’s an idea whose time has come’. Moreover, we hope you will want to collaborate and help bring the vision to fruition. 

Who are these events for?

The zooms are for those who care deeply about addressing the worlds most important issues in the fastest and fairest of ways - and who want to be involved and support Big Impact Game-changing ventures directly with Transform Global - and indirectly with all that it might fund and support. 

Attendees will include; potential investors; ambassadors, volunteers and team members, partners and advisors - and also we hope to include the social, impact and infrastructure entrepreneurs who can be best served by the Transform Global model. 

Though starting modestly with a £2.35m equity raise, Steve Podmore will present highlights of the plan to raise £18 Billion in the first 3-4 years - to  catalyse hundreds of £Billions to fill the most critical SDG and Climate Finance funding gaps, to best tackle these pressing challenges at scale and speed! 

The call and Q and A will focus on the action necessary to bring the vision to fruition - and will explain how parties of all kinds can be part of a world class Active Impact Investment Ecosystem. 


You can participate in the call on Zoom or watch the livestream on YouTube and listen in so you can ask questions on Clubhouse. 

Register for your chosen dates below.

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