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The Governance Vehicle designed to be both Fit for Purpose and Fit for Scale'

The Transform Global Trust is being set up to be the supervisory vehicle for Transform Global - to provide effective long term governance and also to champion the impact mission of all activity and investments. 

With access to the management information systems of Transform Global and its funds - the foundation will be tasked to ensure the whole business delivers increasingly strong impact measurement and management - in line with its impact objectives and targets.  Tools that will help enable this will be the veto rights over investments large enough to make a meaningful impact to the impact objectives. 

5% of ongoing revenues that Transform Global generates will be allocated to the foundation to ensure the presence of strong leadership and operational teams. In addition, set up and operational costs will initially be funded from the equity that is raised for Transform Global. 

Largest, Most Ambitious Impact Investment Fund

By observing the failures of our financial systems that which have contributed to the gross inequity and imbalance that is so prevalent these days -  important lessons can be learned. The culture and supportive systems of an organisation need to work for all - and if not - reversion to short-termism is pretty much guaranteed.  That would be bad for our mission - and thus the focus is on culture, culture, culture, governance, appropriate transparency - and intelligent incentives - in that order.

We believe things need to be well-governed and fair for all parties, with rewards commensurate with value-added, capital provided, contribution - and beneficial status. 


Especially we believe that it’s important that stakeholders many ignore are included. Just as ‘scales’ are an important symbol of justice and equity, the ‘profit with purpose’ fintech for good venture we are working to create has balance designed in from the start.  All key stakeholders - including future generations and nature - are considered and included in the structure and decision framework. 


The vision is collaborative, inclusive, fair and transparent - and the author believes, truly inspiring. 


Taking a holistic outlook is the overriding priority (hence the business and fund names), and while also enabling very healthy and highly attractive returns over time, the governance structure is designed to ensure no stakeholders can dominate with short term agendas. 


The focus for us is the longer term but urgent objectives of sustainable impact towards the Sustainable Development Goals (and their post-2030 successor) - along with helping manage the worlds risk and resilience threats.  These aims are noble and we think - truly important. Along with intelligent incentives, they can also be an incredible aid to attracting both capital and world-class talent at significant scale.

Balance and Culture 

Deal Flow Pipeline

The Governance Vehicle designed to be both Fit for Purpose and Fit for Scale'

The Breakthrough Portfolio Innovation
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